NeoMedia grants Microsoft worldwide license to its mobile barcode patent portfolio

By: Steve Friday August 24, 2012 0 comments Tags: Laura Marriott, Microsoft, mobile barcode

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BOULDER - NeoMedia Technologies Inc. (OCT BB: NEOM) has granted Microsoft a worldwide, non-exclusive license to NeoMedia's patent portfolio, the Boulder-based company announced.

NeoMedia's IP portfolio, consisting of more than 74 patents awarded and pending worldwide, includes many mobile barcode implementations used widely across the industry.

NeoMedia is a pioneer in 2D mobile barcode technology and infrastructure that enables the mobile barcode ecosystem worldwide, the company said.

The technology can transform a mobile device with a camera into a barcode scanner, enabling a range of applications including mobile marketing, consumer-oriented advertising and mobile ticketing and couponing.

"The agreement between NeoMedia and Microsoft underscores the importance of intellectual property to our growing industry," said Laura Marriott, NeoMedia's CEO.

"As mobile barcodes become a key fixture in the mobile marketing mix, it is important for stakeholders across the industry to ensure the solutions they employ leverage the relevant intellectual property in a responsible manner."

NeoMedia's current customers include handset manufacturers, platform providers, brands and agencies.

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