About Us

Innovation NewsInnovatioNews is the brainchild of veteran news and media advertising veterans Lee Porter, Jay Jacoby and Steve Porter and aims to illuminate the Colorado innovation community.

We cover innovation topics, share important/timely innovation news, provide research and business tools, and create a forum for the community and those interested in innovation -- all within the state of Colorado.

With innovation news stories, beat coverage of industry verticals, videos, columns and blogs, InnovatioNews serves several purposes:

  1. Economic development -- By serving as a central forum for all activities innovative, it will display and feature the incredible power of innovation in our Colorado communities. New businesses, new initiatives and the people and products that drive them will be featured.
  2. Information sharing -- With the aim of “getting the news out,” InnovatioNews will spotlight both feature stories on organizations and businesses and a tally of the successes and needs of those organizations -- funding, patents, jobs, business and collaborative opportunities -- will also be included.
  3. Not only the “what” but also the “ who” -- Innovative companies are created and operated by innovative people with original ideas and entrepreneurial energy. By profiling innovation movers and shakers, our readers will better understand not only what innovation is but also what it means.
  4. Opportunity roster -- For investors, funders and interested observers, InnovatioNews will be a must-read. With leading-edge  coverage, folks who are looking for the Next Big Thing will find nascent business ideas, product innovations and investment opportunities.
  5. Organic news generation and sharing -- As part of the InnovatioNews format, we will link social media, videos, blogs and other interactive communication forms and facilitate mobile access through responsive design.

Why is InnovatioNews needed?
Innovation is not a topic consistently covered by other regional news media. We strive to be the Fast Company of Colorado innovation -- home-grown with an eye on featuring the incredible energy of entrepreneurialism in Colorado. We’re boosters (not muckrakers) and our goal is to design a forum for collaborative ideas and creative energy -- a synergistic  communication vehicle that benefits everyone.


InnovatioNews Principals

 Lee Porter

Lee Porter – Publisher and CEO
From mass media to specialized media, Lee  has both corporate and local media experience, including Sales Director for the Northern Colorado Business Report, Sales and Marketing Director for Freedom Communications, and seven years successfully running her own business, Hayes Porter Marketing. She has a Journalism and Political Science degree from Iowa State University.

Lee can be reached at Lee (at) InnovatioNews.com. She tweets @innov_news and @cavebelle. Call or text to 1+ 970-481-1584





Steve Porter – EditorSteve Porter
With more than 20  years of newspaper experience in reporting, editing and managing, Steve brings a deep knowledge of the Northern Colorado business landscape and exceptional writing and editing expertise to the project. He has a Journalism degree from Iowa State University with graduate work at Colorado State University.

Steve can be reached at Steve (at) InnovatioNews.com. Call or text to 1+ 970-443-7800