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InnovatioNews' journalists can help develop customized content that builds your story and your credibility


content gardenAuthentic journalistic opinion articles, interviews and longer pieces like case studies and white papers will help your company develop a content stream that will create loyal customers and stronger relationships–and that’s according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

If you’ve struggled to create the quantity and quality of content to keep your website’s blog fresh, your e-newsletter relevant, or to drive traffic to your site with valuable content offerings, InnovatioNews Content Garden can help with business writing that sells.

Our writers and videographers, once briefed on your business, grasp your industry’s need for information and can help you create a flow of content that will satisfy the 24/7 cycle of content required by social media, online marketing, and lead generation.

In addition, our editorial calendar planning services can assist you in creating a coordinated campaign timed with other significant events, product launches or sales cycles.

Why InnovatioNews?

  1. We’re not boring
  2. We get deadlines
  3. We’re priced like media, not like ad agencies
  4. We’re tuned in to B2B content in a wide variety of industries.
  5. If your content is suitable, you may have an option of distributing through InnovatioNews 

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