Pixorial launches Krowds location-based shared video application

By: Steve Tuesday April 16, 2013 0 comments Tags: Andres Espineira, Englewood, Krowds, Pixorial

Pixorial logoENGLEWOOD - Pixorial, the video service that lets users transform shared experiences into their own personal stories, announced the availability of Krowds Video, the only mobile video app that lets people discover, contribute and join in shared video experiences with full-quality videos of any length.

Pixorial said the Krowds app makes video crowdsourcing easy, convenient and nearly limitless and completely changes the way consumers experience video by providing access to others' perspectives of a shared event.

The Krowds app lets anyone with an iOS or Android device discover, view and share videos of the same event in their original duration and quality, Pixorial said.

Users create shared public pools of video called Krowds based around an occasion such as a wedding, concert or sports event.

Pixorial said the Krowds app offers "the first truly collaborative media space where users can easily find, share and repurpose relevant, meaningful video moments."

"Krowds fundamentally transforms how we discover and interact with personal video," said Andres Espineira, Pixorial's founder and CEO.

"Krowds opens a world of choice by bringing multiple points of view to what was once a singular perspective. This app completely changes how we record and experience the events in our lives we most want to capture, save and share with those who matter to us."

For more information, visit www.pixorial.com. To download the app, visit www.Krowds.co.



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