AlloSource, Stryker announce launch of ProChondrix CR allograft for cartilage repair

Monday April 9, 2018 0 comments Tags: Centennial, AlloSource, Stryker, ProChondrix CR, Kerr Holbrook

CENTENNIAL -- AlloSource and Stryker jointly announced the launch of ProChondrix® CR, a single-stage, natural solution for patients in need of articular cartilage repair.AlloSource_logoUSE

AlloSource said ProChondrix CR is designed to match biomechanical and biochemical properties of normal hyaline cartilage, restore a smooth articular cartilage surface, help relieve patient symptoms, and improve function.

AlloSource launched ProChondrix in 2016 and developed a cryopreserved version to provide a longer shelf-life, while maintaining the high cellular viability of the product.

"ProChondrix CR demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our surgeon customers," said Kerr Holbrook, AlloSource chief commercial officer.

"This cryopreserved allograft provides opportunities for more surgeons to use ProChondrix CR to help restore patient health. We are proud to work with Stryker on the distribution of this product and look forward to more opportunities to serve surgeons and their patients."

Stryker will distribute ProChondrix CR across multiple treatment areas to help expand access for patients.