zvelo secures $2.75M from Cypress Growth Capital to meet demand for services

Thursday February 4, 2016 Tags: zvelo, Greenwood Village, Jeff Finn, Cypress Growth Capital, Ed Mello, cyber security


GREENWOOD VILLAGE -- zvelo,  a provider of content categorization and malicious detection data services, announced it raised $2.75 million in royalty-based growth capital from Texas-based Cypress Growth Capital.Zvelo_logoUSE

zvelo has a subscription-based SaaS business model that provides data services to customers across online advertising, network security and subscriber analytics markets. The company said it intends to use the funds to continue investing in sales, marketing and engineering efforts that will support its growth initiatives.

“We have seen considerable demand from high-growth markets such as mobile subscriber analytics, programmatic digital advertising and cyber security,” said Jeff Finn, zvelo’s CEO. “In addition to accelerating our sales and marketing activities, the Cypress funding enables us to continue investing in developing a highly scalable, extremely flexible SOA platform and the AI-based services necessary to address the anticipated volumes and complexities of these markets.”

zvelo said it is revolutionizing the delivery of contextual categorization and malicious detection data to markets with volumes measured in the trillions of transactions a month, categorizing web pages, social media and other content for insight into the topics and sentiment of the content, as well as determining if a page is fraudulent, compromised or being used to distribute malware.

Processing data from over 99.9% of the active web, zvelo said it provides comprehensive and real-time insight for its clients, giving them immediate visibility into context, brand safety, malicious threats, exploits and more.

“We’re proud to partner with Jeff Finn and the team at zvelo,” said Ed Mello, Cypress Growth Capital co-founder and managing director. “Cypress looks at hundreds of companies each year, and zvelo is among the very best. The combination of powerful technology, adept leadership, and compelling offerings convinced us the company is headed for great success in all of its markets.”