OriginOil demonstrates CLEAN-FRAC 1000 frack water treatment system at Delta showcase event

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DELTA - OriginOil Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL) today announced its CLEAN-FRAC 1000 demonstration-scale frack water treatment system has been shown to successfully remove oil and contaminants from fracking water.

A demonstration of OriginlOil's technology was held at the headquarters of the company's Western Slope Colorado licensee, Industrial Systems Inc.

The demonstration for media, public officials and prospective customers showcased the CLEAN-FRAC 1000 system's ability to process frac flowback and produced water at a rate of up to 1,000 barrels a day to the exact purity level customers require, OriginOil said.

"We were excited to host a very effective demonstration of OriginOil's flowback cleanup technology, CLEAN-FRAC," said Bob Isom, Industrial Systems CEO.

"As the second licensee of OriginOil's impressive water technology, we have a number of sales opportunities in the pipeline that we believe will accelerate with this tangible proof that OriginOil's technology really delivers."

During the showcase demonstration, an iSep ultrafiltration membrane system from TriSep Corp. was the second step in treatment after OriginOil's Electro Water Separation, resulting in "visibly clear water samples," OriginOil said.

"We were extremely impressed with how OriginOil's unit performed upstream from our iSep UF," said Mike Snodgrass, who headed the onsite support team from TriSep.

"The two worked flawlessly together, removing all oil and suspended solids without experiencing any declines in performance and delivered water that our membrane could polish without clogging."

Attending the event were Jim Pokrandt of the Colorado River District, Delta County Commissioner Doug Atchley and Delta Mayor Ed Sisson.

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