In-Situ marks 10 years in Fort Collins, looks to busy future aiding oil-and-gas operations across U.S.

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By Lee Porter


FORT COLLINS -- Moving from Laramie to Fort Collins 10 years ago must have seemed momentous for In-Situ, a small water quality monitoring consultancy, but the relocation has meant growth, pivot and innovation after innovation in the water instrumentation industry.

A celebration of that move was held at In-Situ's Fort Collins office on Thursday, Sept 18.

"In-Situ started as a consultancy focused on characterizing groundwater in the in-situ recovery of uranium," said John Pawlikowski, company president and CEO. Since becoming an industry-leading water quality device maker, Pawlikowski said In-Situ has "innovated many of the industry's first technologies."

Aided by a boom in the oil-and-gas industry in the JV Basin and in North Dakota's Bakken play that engendered some fear and political controversy around water use and water quality, In-Situ responded by developing products that accurately and efficiently meet the desire for the oil-and-gas industry to ensure public safety and security.

And with climate change affecting high and low water conditions across the U.S., In-Situ said additional products are now being developed that will create remote, cellular-powered, real-time-monitored water-level stations making data collection economical, reliable and timely.

"Using accurate monitoring devices and data collected over time helps oil-and-gas field managers maintain optimal well conditions and tells them when a well should be maintenanced or rehabilitated," according to In-Situ's Janice Hiller.

"The result can be reduced chemical use, less hazardous handling and more safety," she said.

Emphasizing ways data and monitoring helps establish and communicate industry best practices, Hiller said In-Situ's Troll products are leading the way.

"For instance, we help solve the problem of competing water interests by safely giving oil shale and gas drillers the option of using brackish water instead of fresh water," she said.

That gives us a "social license to operate," Hiller said.

During the Sept. 18 event, Colorado State University's Dr. Ken Carlson also talked about a project he is working on with In-Situ. The project will create a real-time, water quality monitoring system near oil and gas wells in Northern Colorado.

Launching next week, the project promises to provide real-time information for people and organizations concerned with water quality in the fields by testing inexpensively for surrogates that indicate the presence of methane and other contaminants, he said.

In-Situ may have originated in Laramie, but they say they are now proud members of the Fort Collins clean tech community.

In Situ employs 100 people in Fort Collins and a total of 130 globally.

"We belong to the Colorado Water Innovation Cluster and are Gold ClimateWise partners," Pawlikowski said. "Our facility has been 100 percent wind-powered since 2006, and we hold a number of awards for community participation, including 'Bicycle Friendly Business' (League of American Bicyclists) and 'Well Workplace,' a Fort Collins Well City Initiative.
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