RMI adds 8 new companies to its roster of clients, 3 more in Hatchery

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By Steve Porter


Rocky Mountain Innosphere RMI logoFORT COLLINS - Rocky Mountain Innosphere has added eight new companies to its growing roster of startups receiving assistance on their road from promising idea to market commercialization.

The nonprofit technology incubator added one bioscience, two software and five clean tech startup companies as clients.

Some of the new companies are being housed at RMI, which has 55 leasable spaces, while others have offices in other locations.

Emily Wilson, RMI's communications director, said bringing in so many new companies at once is a reflection of a new policy at RMI that adds new clients on a quarterly basis instead of one at a time.

"We've started a new quarterly onboarding policy so we can treat them like a cohort for their curriculum," she said.

The new companies are:

  • Medical Equipment Systems, Inc. (bioscience), formerly known as Firefly Medical, which is developing an infusion management system (http://fireflymdicalinc.com/)

  • Meritage Systems (software), which has a cloud-based solution to help municipal governments streamline their work and improve citizen services (www.meritagesystems.com)

  • OrderStorm (software), which offers a cloud-based suite of e-commerce applications tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (www.orderstorm.com)

  • EcoVapor Recovery Systems (clean tech), designers and engineers of revolutionary vapor recovery modules to oil-and-gas exploration and production companies

  • Fabriq (clean tech), offering intelligent lighting control and energy management for commercial buildings (http://www.fabriq.co/)

  • PneumatiCoat Technologies (clean tech), focused on development and industrialization of nano-scale coatings on materials for energy storage and related industries (www.pneumaticoat.com)

  • Solid Power (clean tech), a developer of ultra-high-efficiency, safe and low-cost all solid-state rechargeable batteries (http://www.solidpowerbattery.com)

  • US e-Chromic (clean tech), helping to reduce air conditioning use by up to 25 percent by commercializing a reflective electrochromic thin film for windows (http://www.use-chromic.com/)

RMI also recently became home to three Colorado State University student startup companies that took up residence in The CSU Hatchery on RMI's third floor.

Those companies are:

  • Cam-Keeper, focused on marketing a specially designed cam for climbing enthusiasts

  • Stuff 'N Marshmallows, a company aimed at making the perfect s'more with chocolate infused marshmallows

  • WildFit Gyms, a company seeking to revolutionize fitness through specially designed outdoor gym equipment

In 2012, RMI had 35 client companies and graduated four. This year, RMI has 41 client companies and expects to graduate 12.

RMI receives between 20 and 25 applications each quarter for its mentoring and financial assistance services.

For more information, visit www.rmi2.org.

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