Innovation Center of the Rockies adds Texas Instruments director to aid Mines' tech transfer

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Innovation Center of the RockiesBOULDER - Innovation Center of the Rockies (ICR) announced Joe DeNicholas has joined its team of mentors as a dedicated program manager to work directly with the Colorado School of Mines' Office of Technology Transfer.

DeNicholas is director of Texas Instruments' Solid State Lighting Unit.

"Joe and the ICR are key players in helping move Mines' world-class engineering technologies closer to commercially viable products and service," said Will Vaughan, Mines Office of Technology Transfer director.

"The commercialization effort enhances the academic mission of the school by getting our inventions into the commercial world."

"Joe is the ICR's point person at Mines, helping facilitate the ICR process to move invention from an academic setting into the commercial world," added Tim Bour, ICR's executive director.

"To do this, Joe leverages the ICR database of 1,400 industry experts and his background developing new technology for Motorola, National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments."

In addition to the School of Mines, ICR is also partnering with the University of Colorado, University of Denver and Colorado State University to provide commercialization support.

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