Denver Post: Telluride Foundation launches Telluride Venture Accelerator

By: Steve Tuesday November 20, 2012 0 comments Tags: Denver Post, TechStars, Telluride, Telluride Foundation

Telluride Venture Accelerator logo
TELLURIDE - Telluride will soon be home to the state's newest business startup accelerator, according to a story in today's Denver Post.

The Post story by Aldo Svaldi said the Telluride Foundation and other sponsors are launching the Telluride Venture Accelerator, which aims to develop new businesses that focus on outdoor recreation, tourism, natural products, health, energy, water and education.

The accelerator recently accepted applications for its first round of companies-in-residence. Three winners will be selected to receive a six-month stay in Telluride, a $30,000 stipend and up to $8,000 in travel and living expenses, the Post story said.

The story said Telluride is home to many successful entrepreneurs and financiers who visit and live in the mountain community.

Their experience and financial support will help boost the new accelerator, which is being modeled on Boulder's TechStars program.

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