Room 214 offers Facebook services for companies with multiple locations

By: Steve Friday January 25, 2013 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Facebook, Jason Cormier, Room 214

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BOULDER - Digital marketing and social media agency Room 214 announced a new service for linking Facebook Parent-Child pages to help companies with multiple locations utilize local check-in deals and other update features.

Room 214 said it has helped activate more than 800 storefront/child pages for six companies in the last year under its beta program.

Room 214's announcement follows Facebook's recent rollout of Graph Search and Nearby technology, both reflecting the increased interest and value for brands leveraging mobile, local search and location-based marketing.

Jason Cormier, Room 214's founder, said any company that has five or more locations and is using Facebook as part of its marketing effort should consider the sales and mobile engagement opportunities the new functionality provides.

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