Prediculous serves up free interactive fun for gamers and sports fans

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By Steve Porter


Prediculous logoBOULDER - If you like sports, the folks at Prediculous are hoping you'll love the social games they've developed  around a variety of athletic competitions.

But you don't have to be a total sports nut to enjoy Prediculous' offerings.

"We're really trying to build a community of people who are sports-focused, but the more moderate fans as opposed to the hard-core sports fan," said Taylor McLemore, one of the company's founders.

"We're trying to make it easy for people and their friends to interact."

Prediculous is the brainchild of McLemore, company CEO, and Howie Spielman, CTO. Over the last nearly three years, McLemore and Spielman - joined by senior engineer Jarred Cundith - have developed 10 "kick***" games covering a wide range of user interests.

Their original game, called Prediculous, asked gamers to predict the future of sports, world events, politics and entertainment.

Taylor McLemore
"When we built our first game, it was focused on making predictions, so that was how we came up with (the name) Prediculous," McLemore said.

But the young entrepreneurs soon saw more game possibilities focused on fantasy sports and came up with "Court Mania," "UPS Football Logistics," "Allstate 60 Seconds of Mayhem," "Bracket Insanity," "Allstate Championship Challenge," and "Aikman Fantasy QB," a game developed with insight from former Dallas Cowboy quarterback legend Troy Aikman.

"That was great," said McLemore, recalling the experience of working with Aikman on the game.

Game players get to play for free because Prediculous has lined up an impressive set of corporate sponsors interested in the thousands of eyeballs looking at their product logos on the interactive games.

Sponsors so far include Burger King, Subway, UPS, Allstate, SportingNews and Aikman Enterprises.

They've also gotten sponsorship from BET -- Black Entertainment Television -- for games that predict winners of the annual BET Hip Hop Awards and BET Awards.

"We have a whole set of games that cover a variety of different areas," McLemore said.

The games aren't downloadable but are available across a variety of smartphone and desktop platforms by visiting

Howie Spielman
The games have been played by 375,000 people so far, with more than 100,000 playing "Court Mania," the company's most popular basketball pick game sponsored by Burger King.

Prediculous was one of the original startups to be housed in the Galvanize incubator in Denver when it opened last fall. Recently, the company was chosen to be included in the next class of TechStars' Boulder program.

McLemore said the Galvanize experience won't soon be forgotten. "We still feel like we're part of the Galvanize family," he said.

McLemore said the company is just getting started developing social interaction games and expects to add more in hockey, soccer and football soon.

"We're working on a variety of games for the football season coming up," he said. "That's what makes it exciting - there are so many possibilities."

In the end, it's a pretty simple mission and business model, McLemore said.

"We're trying to drive a good, simple experience for consumers where they get to interact with their friends," he said.

And what could be better than that?

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