Pixorial launches Krowds crowdsourcing video app for Android systems

By: Steve Wednesday May 8, 2013 0 comments Tags: Andres Espineira, Android, Englewood, Google Play, Krowds Video, Pixorial

ENGLEWOOD - PixorialPixorial logo, a video service that lets users transform shared experiences into their own personal stories, announced the introduction of Krowds Video for Android.

Now available on Google Play, the free app lets users quickly discover, contribute to and join in the shared video experience with full-quality videos of any length and gain access to different perspectives contributed by others attending the same event.

"Now that Krowds is available for both iOS and Android, almost anyone with a smartphone will be able to share video based on location and interests without limitations," said Andres Espineira, Pixorial's founder and CEO.

""We expect the strong, positive reaction from our iPhone version will translate to other devices as we continue to roll out more ways for consumers to participate in Krowds."

The announcement of the Android version of Krowds follows the debut launch of Krowds for iOS three weeks ago.

In its first three weeks, Pixorial said Krowds has seen a tenfold increase in adoption compared to the company's existing mobile app.

For more information, visit http://www.krowds.co.

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