LulzBot-donated 3D printers help girls design jewelry, learn 3D tech

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LulzBot logoFORT COLLINS - Students in the Beyond Beautiful class in Fort Collins got a chance to learn about the LulzBot 3D desktop printer by using the device to make their own custom jewelry.

Organized by Pretty Brainy, an organization that provides workshops to inspire girls to pursue science learning, the after-school enrichment class is aimed at teaching girls ages 10 to 18 fashion design using science, technology engineering, art and math.

The six-week class was held at Tavelli Elementary. Heidi Olinger, Pretty Brainy president and CEO, said with the popularity and use of 3D printing steadily rising, she will continue to offer similar classes at local schools, including Preston Middle School, this summer and beyond.

"The beauty of using 3D printing in STEM learning is the opportunity it holds for students to be creators of technology - not merely consumers," Olinger said.

"For girls this is huge, because the number of college degrees in computer science and mathematics earned by females peaked nearly 30 years ago and has been declining ever since."

With the 3D printing industry expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2017, LulzBot President Jeff Moe said it's important to prepare students for the future with hands-on learning.

"At LulzBot, we believe in empowering the next generation with tools that will fuel innovation and future marketplace growth," said Moe, who is president of Aleph Objects Inc., makers of LulzBot 3D printers.

"STEM students cannot only learn 3D printing in a hands-on environment, but they also begin to understand the importance of Libre Hardware machines."

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