FullContact launches Unified Address Book for iOS with new $7M equity funding round investment

By: InnovatioNews Friday January 30, 2015 0 comments Tags: Bart Lorang, Brad Feld, Cobook, Denver, FullContact


DENVER - FullContact announced the launch of its new Unified Address Book for iOS, fueled by another $7 million funding round bringing total equity investment to nearly $16 million.

"The new release combines the best of FullContact's cloud-based contact management capabilities with the stellar user experience from the award-winning Cobook application for iOS, which FullContact acquired last year," said Bart Lorang, FullContact CEO.

"We are thrilled to provide this update to the combined FullContact and Cobook user base."

The company said the new Unified Address Book application for iOS is a fully optimized experience on mobile devices and brings the power of FullContact to the iPhone and iPad.

FullContact for iOS features include adding photos to social profiles, backup and safeguard contacts, sync contacts and tags between the iOS app and FullContact for the Web, native device syncing enabling via CardDAV, and unification of contacts between iPhone, iPad, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, AngelList and more.

FullContact for iPhone and iPad is now available as a free download via the Apple App Store.

"No matter who you are, you rely on your contacts," said Brad Feld, investor and FullContact board member. "And there's still no single version of truth when it comes to managing them.

"It's a problem that gets worse almost daily as new networks appear and become commonplace. FullContact solves the issue by enriching, de-duplicating, validating and making those contacts accessible in any context."

The company said it intends to continue developing apps for more devices, with upcoming releases of FullContact for Mac and Android.

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