TrackVia: We're helping companies save money and increase efficiency with custom EMR app

By: InnovatioNews Tuesday May 27, 2014 Tags: Chris Lindholm, Denver, Pete Khanna, TrackVia

DENVER - TrackVia, a do-it-yourself application platform for business users, said it is helping companies like Cell Surgical Network to reduce their costs and increase workflow efficiencies by switching from their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to a TrackVia-built, custom EMR application.

TrackVia said CSN saved an estimated $425,000 in the first year of operation as a result of switching to TrackVia's EMR software.

Focused on cutting-edge regenerative medicine, Cell Surgical Network works with 37 treatment centers in 23 states and seven international locations to provide standardized technology and protocols for its unique application of adult mesenchymal stem cell treatment.

Previously, its data was forwarded to headquarters and manually entered into an elaborate, complex database, a process that was time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in inefficiencies and reporting delays.

"We need to track both procedural notes from physicians, as well as follow-up data from patients," said Chris Lindholm, CSN's COO. "The EMR we were using simply couldn't do both, and they were trying to convince us to adjust our needs and wants to fit their EMR instead of adjusting their software to meet our needs."

"TrackVia is designed to not only streamline the creation and usability of business applications for a multitude of use cases, but do so in a way that creates true cost-savings," said Pete Khanna, TrackVia CEO.

"We're thrilled to help companies like CSN replace inflexible systems with a solution that is affordable, scalable and easily customized in minutes with clicks, not code."

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