Sophono partners with China-based Nurotron to create global leadership in hearing loss market

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Sophono logoBOULDER - Sophono Inc., a manufacturer of abutment-free, implantable, magnetic bone conduction hearing devices, has entered into a global partnership with China-based Hangzhou Nurotron Biotechnology Co. Ltd, a manufacturer of cochlear implant systems and behind-the-ear cochlear speech processors for severe and profound hearing-loss sufferers, the company announced.

"We are very pleased to have entered into this key strategic partnership with Hangzhou Nurotron Biotechnology," said Dr. Markus Haller, Sophono president and chairman.

"This partnership creates a strong global leader in the hearing loss marketplace, able to offer patients with profound to severe hearing loss innovative, established, economical alternatives.

"Sophono's transcutaneous energy transfer bone conduction technology and advanced magnetic hearing loss solutions are a natural fit for Nurotron's cochlear implant and behind-the-ear hearing systems."

"We see a great future for our two companies in working together side-by-side to further our success in the global implantable hearing markets," said Fangping Li, Nurotron president and chairman.

"Sophono and Nurotron, with joined forces and resources, will be able to advance much faster than its competition in key global markets."

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