PharmaJet: Consumers express high satisfaction with needle-free flu shots

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Pharmajet logoGOLDEN - PharmaJet, maker of needle-free injector technology, today announced survey data results demonstrating consumer satisfaction with the PharmaJet Needle-Free Injector for seasonal flu vaccinations.

With nearly 1,500 surveys completed, PharmaJet said the results showed:

·      96 percent were satisfied with the experience

·      93 percent would choose it again

·      92 percent would recommend the needle-free flu shot to family and friends

"The survey results point to the acceptance and preference for a needle-free flu shot option and represent a significant opportunity to expand influenza immunizations," said Ron  Lowy, PharmaJet chair and CEO.

"In environments like pharmacies, it provides the ability to attract new customers, particularly those with a reluctance to get injections with needles, which can subsequently increase store traffic.

"The PharmaJet Needle-Free flu shot is safe for health care providers and patients, quick to administer and the survey confirms that most patients would choose it again. We believe that offering a needle-free option can significantly increase flu shot compliance, as a recent report showed that nearly one-quarter of individuals avoid being vaccinated because they don't like needles."

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