Optibrand and Peek Vision collaborate to prevent blindness with access to eye test equipment

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FORT COLLINS - Optibrand and London-based Peek Vision announced a collaboration aimed at preventing avoidable blindness by increasing access to potentially life-changing new eye health testing equipment.

Peek offers the Portable Eye Examination Kit, which consists of smartphone apps and an adapter that can be used by health workers anywhere in the world to test eyes easily and affordably.

Nearly all of the tools are being developed as a collaboration between the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University of Strathclyde and the NHS Glasgow Centre for Ophthalmic Research.

Peek Retina is a smartphone adapter that clips over the phone's camera and enables health workers to see inside the eye. Many eye diseases and other health problems - including diabetes and high blood pressure - can be detected with a good view of the retina.

The Optibrand team has developed software that automatically focuses on and captures the best single retinal images it detects in a video stream.

The company's RetCheck Technology software has the capability to stitch images together into a single, wide-field-of-view panorama in real time.

When combined with the Peek Retina, the RetCheck Technology is able to automatically save the best retinal photos and send them to experts for diagnosis and treatment.

"Peek is known throughout the world for its commitment to providing affordable eye care to the global community, especially those living in middle to lower-income countries, and has made great strides in achieving that," said Joe Ritter, Optibrand CEO and board chair.

"They provide Optibrand with a great platform to contribute to that commitment, and we are honored to do so."

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