Kindara releases Wink app to build on its technology for managing fertility

By: InnovatioNews Tuesday October 7, 2014 1 comments Tags: Boulder, Kindara, William Sacks, Wink


BOULDER - Kindara, a company specializing in applications for enhancing fertility and pregnancy, announced the launch of Wink, a wireless fertility thermometer to take charge of their reproductive health.

Kindara said Wink is designed to help women easily and seamlessly record their basal body temperature readings - a key fertility indicator.

Wink syncs with Bluetooth to the Kindara fertility app on a user's iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet and provides an integrated fertility charting experience.

Wink is now available for pre-order at a special introductory price, Kindara said.

"In designing Wink, we wanted to give women a product and an experience to help them feel in charge and on top of their reproductive health," said William Sacks, Kindara co-founder and CEO.

"Wink is not only the most beautiful and most comfortable oral fertility thermometer available, it is also the fastest reading, most accurate and the only one that syncs with a proven fertility tracking app and doesn't beep."

As of September, Kindara said it has helped more than 25,000 women get pregnant and also enabled tens of thousands of women to avoid pregnancy without hormones or side effects and better track their periods.

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I just preordered my Wink and I was able to get $10 off! I will share the savings to help anyone who wants to preorder Wink and save an additional $10 off their order because sharing is caring. ;)

Good luck to all who want to take control of your fertility!

- Lauren