Greffex claims first comprehensive vaccine for H7N9 avian influenza

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Greffex logoAURORA - Greffex, a vaccine production biomedical company, said it has produced the first comprehensive vaccine for H7N9 avian influenza.

The first cases of the new strain of bird flu were reported earlier this year in China, with about 20 percent of those infected dying from the virus.

Greffex said it characterized the virus and developed the vaccine in one month using its proprietary GREVAX technology.

Normally, development of a vaccine can take many months.

The GREVAX vaccine platform was built with support from NIH and NIST, Greffex said. The platform "focuses the potent immunogenicity of adenovirus-based engineered vaccines to vaccine antigens," Greffex said, resulting in a "plug-and-play" design of vaccines for emerging diseases.

"We believe the world needs a plug-and-play method of creating vaccines," said Dr. Uwe D. Staerz, the company's CSO. "Speed as well as flexibility is needed for vaccine design to combat emerged infectious threats."

Greffex said it has a "vibrant pipeline" of vaccines currently undergoing testing.

"We originally created the GREVAX system for H1N1 swine influenza, and now have a dengue vaccine, an anthrax vaccine, an Ebola vaccine and avian influenza vaccines, and we have overcome major production and manufacturing obstacles," said John R. Price, Greffex president and CEO.

The vaccine won't be available for mass production until clinical trials are complete.

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