jobZology closes $750K seed round to fuel national expansion, add 15 jobs

Tuesday March 7, 2017 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, jobZology, Travis Hevelone, Eric Leftwich, Bill Schleicher, Raju Venkatraman


FORT COLLINS -- jobZology® announced it recently closed on $750,000 in additional funding to fuel expansion and keep up with expected operational growth.Jobzology_logoUSE

The funding round was led by Gary Comer, Inc. (GCI) based out of Chicago and included Syven Capital LP from Delaware and the Pinnacle Enterprise Fund of North Carolina.

jobZology said it expects to add 15 new positions in Fort Collins over the next two years while it continues to sell its online platform to schools, employers, individuals and counselors across the globe.  

jobZology offers a cloud-based solution that uses self-discovery, predictive science and guidance tools to connect students and jobseekers as they make decisions about education, vocation and employment pathways.

This year, jobZology has been asked to speak at conferences across the U.S., New Zealand and Australia and has participated in studies with Life Reimagined and continued to build a portfolio of educational and commercial clients. 

The company said its goal is to help people at any age spend less time and money on their way to the training and education they need for a sustainable life, increase the success and outcomes of that path by providing better and updated tools to educational institutions, help employers increase retention and engagement by hiring people using the predictive analytics of fit to job and culture. 

“We have amazing stories of students that found their real calling by using us,” said Travis Hevelone, jobZology co-founder and CEO.

“We have data from schools that have seen significant impact on success when advising students using purpose and meaning in educational guidance. 

“We also have employer case studies that show increases in engagement and retention levels while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.”

Over the past 5 years, jobZology has been helping clients that include individuals, workforce centers, employers and schools. With the help of local angel investor Larry Curran, jobZology today has more than 24 schools using it to guide student success, 12 employers using jobZology for scientific talent analytics, and more than 28,000 individuals by helping them find education, vocation and employment choices.

“We love to tell people jobZology can scientifically and predictively guide them to the most meaningful path in their life - and then connect them to those opportunities,” said Eric Leftwich, company co-founder and CRO.

“But it’s when we show employers and schools our outcome studies and the financial impact jobZology can deliver when the two of them work hand-in-hand that the magic happens.”

“From our experience in working with thousands of inner city youth on the south side of Chicago, we truly understand and appreciate the value of jobZology,” said Bill Schleicher of GCI.

“Scientifically-based career guidance that is linked to job opportunities coupled with the tools needed to help them prepare for job interviews and differentiate themselves in the process, are invaluable to the students.  

“Being a cloud-based tool, jobZology allows us to reach students in middle school, high school, and over 30 colleges throughout the country in which they attend.  We are happy to partner with jobZology in helping them achieve their vision to become the perfect matchmaker between students, educational institutions and employers. “

“We are excited to be a part of jobZology’s mission to become the ‘career compass’ for today’s students and workforce,” said Raju Venkatraman, Syven Capital.

“This platform is also a unique competitive advantage for companies to hire employees who are more likely to be motivated, committed and satisfied with their jobs.”