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Vergent Products logo1By Kay Rios

LOVELAND -- Many potentially great ideas dissolve in the grey mist of thought unless someone steps up and can bring them into reality. The ability to do exactly that is the foundation of Vergent Products.

And it doesn't matter at what stage the idea exists.

Terry Precht
"They can come in with a napkin sketch," says Terry Precht, Vergent co-founder, president and CEO. "We can take it from that napkin sketch to a developed product. Or, they may come in with a designed or developed product but they don't like what it does or it's not performing at the level it's capable of doing. We find ways to make it work at a higher level."

The Loveland based company assists clients on several different levels and can step in wherever the development and building process requires. "We design and we also like to build things," Precht says.

Chief Operating Officer Tracy Ireland adds, "They may have tried things that have not worked. We help make it more reliable and - sometimes -- safer."

Vergent Products has experience in mechanical and electronic assembly design and offers a variety of possibilities, including engineering services, printed circuit board assembly, and final product assembly and testing. A three-stage process is used for product development: product definition and concept development; prototype and detail development; and tooling/pilot production.

"We encourage clients to come to the table with a very broad view," says Diana Precht, co-founder and vice president for client engagement. "We sit down with them and see what the needs are. Then, we offer everything from initialization, design, manufacturing and servicing."

Diana Precht
"We can take a product from any stage and get it into production quickly," Ireland says. "We can take either new ideas or existing designs, whether by our customer or a competitor, and improve on that or we can come up with a new and refreshing design."

It's a process, he says. "We learn all its weaknesses and challenges and work from there," said Ireland. "It's about the current design as well as the next generation design. We get very deep into the life cycle. And at the back end, we also provide service of the product."

The company's logo tells the story, Ireland says. "It has a deep meaning. We start at the bottom and we create a wide view that is divergent and convergent at the same time as we move upward. We look at all the possibilities, and we look at this as a continual process. We are here to help them grow their business."

A broader view

Mark Wanger, president of RideKick International, is one of Vergent's clients. "We had gone through most of the development stage and Vergent was able to look at the design from a safety perspective, a manufacturing perspective, and the supply chain," Wanger said. "It's helpful to get a broad perspective, especially since their organization has a number of experienced employees. Our small company has seven people, and Vergent can bring more people in and look at the design from a broader view."

Vergent helped with RideKick's design and has also manufactured its product. "They have a keen responsibility for quality and repeatability," said Wanger. "One of the things I'm most impressed about is their integrity in standing behind what they do. If anything's wrong, they look for the cause and take responsibility for that."

Tracy Ireland
Vergent's history dates back to 1997, when Diana and Terry Precht founded the company, working in the design area. "I was a product designer and had been working in a company where I was designing the same product over and over," Terry said. "I needed variety, so we began this company. Then, we started manufacturing about a year and a half later."

"We made a leap by bringing in a small circuit board operation in 2002," Diana added.

"We got serious about that manufacturing in 2004 when we invested in Tracy and in the equipment," Terry said. Five years ago, they moved into their 75,000-square-foot facility in Loveland and now have 120 employees and a variety of clients.

Last month, Vergent received renewal of its ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications after an independent ISO auditor evaluated the company's ability to produce defect-free products.

The certifications were another affirmation of Vergent's dedication to quality and precision manufacturing.

Ireland refers back to Vergent's logo and its meaning. "It's really the heartbeat of the company," he said. "At the end of the day, you have to come to the best solution. We have mastered the ability to bring all these things together in the best ways possible, and that means that convergence and divergence come together every day."

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