UQM drive system powers EV Engineering all-electric car to unofficial world distance record

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LONGMONT - Australia-based EV Engineering set an unofficial world distance record with its all-electric Holden Commodore passenger car propelled by a UQM electric propulsion system, UQM announced today.

The car was driven a total of 1,172 miles in 24 hours, traveling back and forth between Port Melbourne and Geelong, Australia.

The record-setting vehicle and the entire fleet of EV Engineering's proof-of-concept vehicles are powered by the UQM PowerPhase Select 145 electric drive system.

The EV Engineering project converted a fleet of locally manufactured passenger cars to proof-of-concept electric vehicles to demonstrate the technical viability and attractiveness to customers of a full-size electric car.

If successful, technologies used in the project could be considered for possible future mass production, UQM said.

"We congratulate EV Engineering on this achievement and their efforts to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of electric vehicles," said Eric Ridenour, UQM Technologies president and CEO. "Achievements such as these further validate the efficiency of our PowerPhase Select electric propulsion system."

"While our achievement is not an official record, it's a sound validation of our car's capabilities," said Ian McCleave, EV Engineering's CEO. "It's a great feeling to see the electric car our team designed and developed in Australia beat the world EV distance record."

UQM PowerPhase electric propulsion systems have been selected to power CODA Automotive passenger cars, the Audi A1 e-tron, Rolls-Royce 102EX Electric Phantom and fuel cell London Taxi pre-production test fleet vehicles, among others.

For more information, visit www.uqm.com or www.evengineering.com.au.



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