TekDry: Using rice to dry wet cell phone is a myth

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DENVER - TekDry, an emergency electronic device rescue service, said a study it commissioned shows using rice to dry out a wet cell phone is not effective.

The study was conducted by DTJ Consulting and commissioned by TekDry to evaluate the commonly held belief that placing a wet cell phone in a sealed container of rice for 48 hours effectively removes water from the phone.

TekDry said the study indicates that drying a phone with rice immersion is not only ineffective but is actually less effective than simply leaving the device out in the open to dry naturally.

But neither method will thoroughly dry the phone, TekDry said.

"After monitoring the weight loss of a phone simulator placed first in an open room for 48 hours and second in a container of rice for 48 hours, both times containing the same initial weight of water at the same temperature, evaporation reduced the water weight of the device left in an open room by 14.7 percent while enclosing the device in a container of rice reduced the water weight of the device by 13.1 percent," said David James of DTJ Consulting.

"The results clearly demonstrate that both evaporation in a room and a closed container of rice did very little to dry the device in 48 hours."

A detailed description of the rice experiment is available on TekDry's website.

TekDry offers a patented device-rescue service it says completely restores wet devices within 30 minutes.

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