Techstars Ventures raises $150M seed and Series A fund to invest in Techstars ecosystem companies

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TechStars logoBOULDER - Techstars Ventures announced it raised a new $150 million seed and Series A fund to invest in companies coming through the Techstars ecosystem, which includes Techstars accelerator program graduates, new companies started by Techstars alumni and companies formed by Techstars mentors.

Techstars has already used the Techstars Venture 2014 Fund to invest in three new companies: Distil Networks, Conspire and Ello.

Since 2007, companies in the Techstars ecosystem have raised more than $5 billion in venture capital from a diverse set of leading venture capital firms, according to David Cohen, Techstars co-founder.

"We are incredibly proud of these existing portfolio companies, which employ thousands of people and have a total enterprise value of more than $42 billion," Cohen said.

"And, of course, we're also very proud of the more than 1,500 Techstars mentors worldwide who through their efforts have changed the way that startups are created."

Cohen said Techstars' venture funds are co-invested with angel and venture capital communities in Techstars companies.

Cohen also announced three new fund partners:

  • Jason Seats, founder of Slicehost (acquired by Rackspace)

  • Nicole Glaros, an investor and Techstars manager in Colorado, New York and Texas

  • Ari Newman, founder of Filtrbox (acquired by Jive)


Cohen said the Techstars team now has more than 60 professionals whose daily focus is adding value to portfolio companies.

Techstars has offices in Boulder, Austin, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, London, Los Angeles, NYC, San Antonio, San Diego and Seattle.

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