Technology conference spotlights battery, antenna, remote monitoring and thermal mitigation advances

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE - Advances in battery systems, mobile antennas, remote monitoring and control and the future of thermal mitigation will be spotlighted Sept. 18-19 in a conference that combines all four technologies.

Exhibitors at the conference, to be held at the Hyatt Denver Tech Center, will share a combined exhibit hall floor.

The 10th Annual Battery Power 2012 conference will bring together leaders in portable electronics, electric vehicles and energy storage to discuss the latest advances in battery technology and power management.

Presentations will include new battery designs, emerging technologies, battery materials, power management, charging and testing systems, battery health and the latest market trends affecting the industry.

Mobile Antenna Systems 2012 will address the latest advances in the applications, technology, materials and economic development of antennas for mobile devices.

Exhibitors include Sandia National Laboratories, Antenova, Broadcom Corp., CelPlan Technologies and Accel Networks.

The Advancements in Thermal Management conference will feature presentations on the latest technology for managing temperature in electronics, including cooling, thermal imaging, temperature sensing and control, thermal interface materials and board level heating technology.

Presenting companies include DARPA, Argonne National Lab, Zweben Consulting, University of Alabama in Huntsville and Watlow Electric.

The Remote Monitoring and Control 2012 conference will also be held during the same time period and place. Sessions will cover the future of SCADA, remote telemetry networks, M2M, cyber and physical security and onsite power for remotely-managed and unattended sites.

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