SparkFun Electronics to take show on the road for West Coast tour

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BOULDER - SparkFun Electronics will load up its 28-foot RV in October for a three-week West Coast tour, bringing its passion for electronics creation to classrooms, engineering schools and makerspace visits in four states.

Teachers from SparkFun's Department of Education will be teaching technology and connecting with students and others to bring "microprocessors to the masses" in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington.

The tour begins Oct. 14 in Chandler, Az. and continues through Oct. 29 with a visit to Seattle.

The tour will be similar to an East Coast Tour conducted by SparkFun in April.

The tour is organized by and on behalf of SparkFun's education initiative, including the use of Arduino open-source electronics.

"Our goal is that when a teacher makes the effort to put Arduino in their classrooms, we want to be able to help train them on the basic skills needed to get things rolling," said Jeff Branson, one of the SparkFun educators taking part in the tour.

"We love spending time with the community - both teachers and students - and we know it's tough to travel. But this is what these trips are all about."

The tour will include classes on Arduino, soldering, electronic origami, LilyPad and soft circuits.

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