SparkFun Electronics releases MiniBot

By: Jay Jacoby Wednesday May 30, 2012 0 comments Tags: MiniBot, ProtoSnap, SparkFun

BOULDER - SparkFun Electronics announced the release of MiniBot, the latest addition to its popular ProtoSnap line.

MiniBot is a complete robotics platform that allows the construction of a small wheeled robot. The latest release is fully Arduino-compatible and ProtoSnap customizable.

SparkFun's ProtoSnap line is designed to ease the burgeoning electronics enthusiast into the world of programming, prototyping and designing. Like the rest of the ProtoSnap products, the MiniBot can be disassembled into reusable individual components when the user reaches the limits of the project.

"The whole idea was a simple, inexpensive starting point for learning robotics," said Mike Hord, SparkFun engineer. "Our goal is to give clubs, after-school groups and robotics classes the ability to provide a robot for each student to play with."

SparkFun was founded in 2003 and currently offers more than 1,800 products. For more information, visit
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