Sen. Bennet releases progress report on job creation and innovation recommendations

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released a report outlining progress the state has made over the last year in meeting business and academic leader recommendations on improving job creation and innovation.

Bennet's report, "Colorado Competes: One Year Later," looks at a set of recommendations made in the original "Colorado Competes" report issued in August 2011.

The follow-up report notes several accomplishments over the last year, including Colorado's success in being designated one of three sites for a new satellite U.S. Patent Office, which is expected to create hundreds of jobs and hundreds of millions in economic benefits.

Also noted in the report:

  • Improved state and federal cooperation

  • Regulatory reform, including reforms to the Food and Drug Administration designed to produce a faster system for breakthrough drugs and medical devices to get to market

  • Crowdfunding as a way of investing in small, young or startup businesses


Bennet's report also discusses the need to move forward on several other agenda items in the original report, including education reform, 21st century energy policy and comprehensive immigration reform.

"Innovation is the key to remaining competitive in the 21st century and to improving job and wage growth for the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans," Bennet said.

"That is why we called upon innovators in Colorado to help come up with a host of ways by which we can build an ecosystem that will support new jobs in new companies based on new technology and new ideas."

"Coloradans for an Innovation Economy" came together last year at Bennet's request to find ways to promote economic competitiveness at the state and national levels through a greater focus on innovation and cross-sector collaboration.

The group is co-chaired by: Mark Sirangelo, head of Sierra Nevada Space Systems; Holli Riebel, president and CEO of the Colorado Bioscience Association; and Ron Sega, vice president for energy and environment at Colorado State University and Woodward professor of Systems Engineering.

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