Red Canyon Software secures NASA SBIR grant with help from CAMT, Space Act Agreement

By: Steve Friday April 26, 2013 0 comments Tags: Barry Hamilton, CAMT, Denver, Joni Richards, NASA, Red Canyon Software, Space Act Agreement, Tom Bugnitz

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DENVER - Red Canyon Software has been awarded a Phase 1 NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to further develop software to increase spacecraft in-flight self-monitoring and correction capabilities, the Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology (CAMT) announced.

Red Canyon used the expertise of Joni Richards, a NASA technology transfer advisor placed with CAMT through a five-year economic development-focused Space Act Agreement, to research NASA needs and help develop a successful proposal.

As part of the grant, Red Canyon will develop a layered flight software system that can increase the autonomy of unmanned spacecraft, CAMT said.

Red Canyon Software's proposed system incorporates three main components: a NASA planning and scheduling software package; an advanced command execution engine; and conventional flight control software to allow the spacecraft to think and correct problems.

In addition to reducing mission costs to make Near Earth Orbit missions cheaper, the proposed design could also enable more complex deep space missions with increased spacecraft self-monitoring and correction capabilities, CAMT said.

"Joni Richards was instrumental in gathering the information necessary to tailor our technology an SBIR proposal to NASA needs, ensuring a stronger proposal and ultimately a more powerful technology," said Barry Hamilton, Red Canyon CEO.

"The NASA-CAMT Space Act Agreement has so far resulted in over 60 Colorado companies meeting with the NASA technology transfer advisor to explore NASA partnerships and provide access to NASA scientists," said Tom Bugnitz, CAMT CEO.

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