Radish Systems awarded key patent for ChoiceView

By: InnovatioNews Friday August 1, 2014 0 comments Tags: Boulder, ChoiceView, Radish Systems, Richard Davis


BOULDER - Radish Systems, a leader in voice and data mobility solutions for customer service, announced it has been awarded a key patent for ChoiceView, its integrated voice/data technology.

The patent, which dates from 2009, covers most any conceivable voice/data arrangement involving phone calls to businesses, the company said.

ChoiceView is a mobile enterprise solution that allows businesses to talk and share visual and other data with customers on smartphones and tablets.

Radish said ChoiceView increases comprehension of support calls by up to 600 percent, helps callers resolve inquiries faster with more clarity, improves the overall user experience and boosts business profits.

Radish said the uniqueness of ChoiceView is that it uses a real-time data switch and communications protocol to quickly and seamlessly join a secure data session to any phone call.

"ChoiceView provides a new communications channel and enables new feature capabilities for the millions and millions of IVR ports and contact center positions in the installed base, and it does so without breaking hardware or software in the existing equipment," said Richard Davis, Radish CTO and co-inventor of the technology.

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