Lightning Hybrids introduces first-ever hydraulic hybrid shuttle bus, wins award at BusCon

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LOVELAND - Lightning Hybrids, Inc. (LHI) took its new fuel-efficient hydraulic hybrid shuttle bus to BusCon in Chicago and came away with the convention's Most Innovative New Technology Award.

The award was voted on by attendees at the BusCon event, North America's biggest bus show.

"We're thrilled to be acknowledged that this is a technology that will help the industry save fuel and make their buses safer," said Bonnie Trowbridge, LHI spokeswoman.

The vehicle, a 2012 Ford E-450 23-passenger shuttle bus with a hydraulic hybrid system, is the first hydraulic hybrid shuttle bus on the road, according to LHI.

"Surprisingly, everyone who has test driven (the bus) comments on the extra acceleration power and better braking than the fuel savings," said Tim Reeser, LHI's co-founder and president. "The LHI system is clearly a great safety feature in addition to a fuel-saving solution."

The bus gets up to 40 percent better fuel economy than a non-hybrid because it regenerates braking energy and has more power for acceleration and stopping, LHI said.

LHI is partnering with Davey Coach Sales of Sedalia, CO to sell the retrofitted shuttle buses.

LHI has been working on the hydraulic hybrid system since September 2008. It is available for heavy-duty Ford and GM vehicles - work trucks, shuttle buses, utility vehicles - both new as well as for retrofit to vehicles currently in fleets.

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