Tech startup geekrowd accepted into The Summit Dublin's ALPHA program

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FORT COLLINS - Tech startup geekrowd has been accepted into The Summit Dublin's elite ALPHA program, the Fort Collins-based company announced.

The Summit Dublin is one of the most heavily attended tech conferences in the world and the largest in Europe, with more than 10,000 guests expected to attend the event in November.

The ALPHA program provides free booth space and curated meetings to a highly selective group of early-stage startup companies.

Program alum include tech companies such as Spotify, Nest and Tumblr, geekrowd said.

In addition to being selected for the ALPHA program, geekrowd was one of only nine U.S.-based startups featured in a recent article on The Summit's blog (

"geekrowd is proud to represent Colorado and the United States at The Summit Dublin this fall," said Michael Bailey, geekrowd's founder and CEO.

"The conference will be a valuable experience for our team and for the company."

geekrowd is the developer of a social network platform called

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