Epic River becomes second tenant in Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology

By: Steve Tuesday February 18, 2014 Tags: Epic River, Jeff Grobaski, Loveland, Marcie Erion, RMCIT

By Steve Porter


LOVELAND - Success breeds growth, and rapid growth for a Loveland company encouraged it to become the second tenant in the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology (RMCIT) on the former Agilent campus.

Epic River, a longtime Loveland firm that offers web development, market analysis and other business assistance solutions, is the second tenant in the 811,000-square-foot complex in south Loveland.

DataTraks, another Loveland company, moved into RMCIT last fall. Kentucky-based Cumberland & Western Resources is the owner of the complex after purchasing it from the city of Loveland in late 2011.

Jeff Grobaski, one of Epic River's senior partners, said the company moved into temporary quarters in RMCIT at the end of January after experiencing a doubling in employee growth over the last two years.

Grobaski said there are about 25 people in the organization and 16 will occupy the new 5,000-plus-square-foot space, with more hires expected.

"The thing that really drew us here was the space availability," he said. "This provides us with a huge ability to grow and not have to worry about space."

But that wasn't the whole reason, Grobaski added.

"We also see it as an opportunity to mix with other tech companies," he said.

Loveland has a goal of seeing the RMCIT fill with tech-based companies in coming years, and the city council approved a $15,000 incentive to help Epic River make the move into RMCIT.

"The move from North Loveland to RMCIT for Epic River is a win-win project," said Marcie Erion, director of Loveland's Office of Creative Sector Development. "Epic River is a successful business with impactful IP and development services being provided to clients around the country.

"They are a solid employer in numbers, compensation and benefits, which we at the city acknowledge as tremendously important to the community. We value their investment and their commitment to staying in Loveland. In return, RMCIT offers an opportunity for Epic River to be part of the synergy and collaborations that being part of a high-tech business campus can provide."

Grobaski said the move has also heightened the company's image.

"It really helps us put on a nice face for our Fortune 500-level partners when they come to visit," he said.

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