DISH cheers court ruling on AutoHop, PrimeTime Anytime features

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ENGLEWOOD - DISH Network Corp. (Nasdaq: DISH) has prevailed in U.S. District Court in California, where Judge Dolly Gee denied a motion by Fox Broadcasting Company for a preliminary injunction to prevent DISH subscribers from using products that enable them to skip commercials.

Fox and other commercial networks had sued DISH over DISH's PrimeTime Anytime and AutoHop features included on its Hopper Whole-Home DVR.

The PrimeTime Anytime feature allows users to record primetime shows on multiple channels and save them for up to eight days for later viewing.

The AutoHop feature allows users to play back certain PrimeTime Anytime recordings commercial free, starting the day after broadcast.

According to DISH, the judge's ruling said DISH and its subscribers were not in violation of federal copyright laws, nor do the products violate the Video-On-Demand provisions of the 2010 retransmission consent agreement between Fox and DISH.

"Today's ruling is a victory for common sense and customer choice," said R. Stanton Dodge, DISH executive vice president and general counsel.

"DISH is gratified that the court has sided with consumer choice and control by rejecting Fox's efforts to deny our customers access to PrimeTime Anytime and AutoHop - key features of the Hopper Whole-Home DVR.

"The ruling underscores the U.S. Supreme Court's 'Betamax' decision, with the court confirming a consumer's right to enjoy television as they want, when they want, including the reasonable right to skip commercial if they so choose.

"We look forward to vigorously defending AutoHop and PrimeTime Anytime, and the choice and control those features deliver our customers."

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