Cybergy and RazorThreat announce agreement to provide enhanced cyberthreat detection

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PrintENGLEWOOD - Cybergy Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: CYBG), a national leader in cybersecurity, smart grid technologies and renewable energy, today announced a joint marketing and licensing agreement with Michigan-based RazorThreat to market and support a specialty cybersecurity technology for detecting unknown cyberattacks.

The technology allows Cybergy to provide the highest level of protection to its customer base and helps companies take control of their network activity to protect high-value information and critical digital assets, the company said.

The agreement grants Cybergy exclusive rights to RazorThreat's two groundbreaking cyberthreat monitoring and managed security platforms: RazorThreat Vision, which provides real-time monitoring of the customer's actual network traffic and sends alerts about all unknown and unauthorized activity; and RazorDetect, a similar appliance-based application geared toward small and medium-size businesses.

"RazorThreat's powerful technology has the capability of thwarting cyberhacks such as those that occurred at Target and Sony," said Wyly Wade, Cybergy's CTO.

"As we continue to work with customers to protect global infrastructure and provide better tools for computer network and electric grid management, RazorThreat's products and services together are a critical component of this effort."

"RazorThreat has important new technology for detecting unknown targeted cyberattacks, and Cybergy has the relationships to enable wider dissemination of that technology," said Gregory Guidice, RazorThreat CEO.

"By bringing the two together through this agreement, we are better positioned to protect our clients from experiencing cyberbreaches."

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