CR MILES intellectual property firm sponsors RMI, will help startups navigate road to success

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FORT COLLINS - Intellectual property, patent and trademark firm CR MILES and Rocky Mountain Innosphere will work together to enhance RMI's entrepreneurial programming, CR MILES and RMI announced.

"The aligning of CR MILES with Rocky Mountain Innosphere makes sense because we both recognize that developing and protecting intellectual property is extremely critical for entrepreneurs when developing new technologies," said Doug Johnson, RMI's vice president of capital access.

"Having a supporting partner experienced in this area will add value well beyond the sponsorship, since some of the areas they specialize in is the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications in computer-implemented, mechanical, chemical and biomolecular technologies."

CR MILES has worked with Innosphere client companies in the past on patenting innovations, developing strong trademarks and copyrighting intellectual expression.

"We are proud to support innovation in our community," said Craig Miles, CR MILES founder. "From idea, to protection, to production, we are always looking forward to helping entrepreneurs take the next steps to turn their ideas into assets."

"Craig does excellent work, and his associates are very capable," said Mark Wanger, RideKick founder. "We found them to be very affordable in completing design patents and international trademark work. Their ethics and attitude made them very easy to work with."

"We have a tremendous partner in CR MILES," said Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO. "They really understand the importance of new technologies and the need to have meaningful protection of intellectual property rights to safeguard entrepreneurs' ideas."

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