Bulb raises $1M in Series A funding from angels, prepares for launch of first major digital product

By: InnovatioNews Friday June 27, 2014 Tags: Bulb, Eric Goldreyer, Fort Collins


FORT COLLINS - Bulb, a startup with a vision to reinvent education software through simple relevant design, announced it raised another $1 million in Series A funding from angel investors as it launches its first major digital portfolio product.

Bulb is led by Eric Goldreyer, founder and former CEO of Bedandbreakfast.com.

"We are passionate about the world of education, and our goal is to build software that makes learning and teaching an amazing experience for everyone," Goldreyer said.

"In the digital world, Bulb is as useful as pen and paper, and everyone who sees Bulb and tries it agrees: No one in education today can live without a digital portfolio."

Bulb said its product is the ideal publishing tool for creating and publishing student portfolios and projects as well as a delivery platform for courses and lectures.

Bulb said the new funding will be used to speed the development process for additional product features and functionality, along with increasing marketing.

Bulb was started in 2011 and has offices in Fort Collins and Austin, Tex.

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