Built In Colorado: 118 new startups launched, $461M raised, $1B+ in exits in '13

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built in colorado logoDENVER - A just-released Built In Colorado Startup Report for 2013 shows more than 122 startups raised $461 million during the year, with 118 new startups launched.

Seventy companies in Denver raised about $305 million, according to the report, while 43 companies in Boulder raised about $147 million. Nine companies in the rest of the state raised about $9 million, the report said.

Six companies raised $10 million or more during the year, while another six raised $20 million or more.

Ten companies raised $15 million or more:

  • Ping Identity--$44 million

  • Sympoz--$35 million

  • SolidFire--$31 million

  • Datalogix--$25 million

  • Convercent--$21 million

  • Recondo--$20 million

  • Welltok--$19 million

  • nVoq--$18 million

  • Newdea--$15 million

  • Tendril--$15 million


Software companies by far raised the most money in 2013 at $232 million, according to the report. B2B Web companies raised $103 million, consumer Web companies raised $72 million, mobile companies raised $39 million and e-commerce firms raised $15 million.

The report said funding came from 110-plus different VC and angel firms from across America.

Twenty-seven companies were acquired in 2013 and one company - Rally Software - went public, with their exits totaling more than $1 billion.

"With close to $1 billion of capital raised in the last two years and over $1 billion in exits in the digital technology sector in 2013 alone, Colorado continues to be a hot region for startup growth," said Erik Mitisek, Built In Colorado chairman.

"I travel the world and Colorado is always a topic of discussion and inspiration for other great startup communities," said David Cohen, Techstars' founder, CEO and managing partner.

"Everyone wants to know how we top the charts in venture capital with places like the Bay Area, Boston and New York. I always tell them that the secret weapon is Colorado's 'give first' attitude and sustained culture of mentorship.

"It's truly special and sometimes counterintuitive. But we have become known for it together."

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