AlumiFuel forms Bitcoin Capital Corp. to pursue opportunities in cryptocurrencies

By: InnovatioNews Thursday February 20, 2014 Tags: AlumiFuel, Bitcoin, Centennial, Henry Fong

CENTENNIAL - Early-production-stage hydrogen generation company AlumiFuel Power Corp. (OTCQB: AFPW) announced it has formed a new wholly-owned subsidiary - Bitcoin Capital Corp. - to pursue early-stage business opportunities in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-focused companies and projects.

The company said it intends to provide angel funding and assistance in business development and consulting services related to those activities.

AlumiFuel said it believes the approach will offer a simplified entry for investors to gain exposure in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by eventually providing a diversified portfolio of early-stage companies and projects in this realm.

"Bitcoin is a crytopcurrency that is not issued by any government, bank or central financial organization," said Henry Fong, AlumiFuel's CEO.

"We believe that its increased acceptance and popularity over time will make this an alternative to traditional currencies and forms of payment. We also believe that Bitcoin may eventually become a revolutionary payment medium and feel that early adopters and investors may well reap the benefits of dramatic returns should that prove true."

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