Advanced Unmanned launched to improve aerial imagery technology

By: Steve Tuesday September 11, 2012 0 comments Tags: Advanced Unmanned, aerial imagery, Airboss Aerospace, David Record, Denver

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DENVER - Advanced Unmanned, an aerial imagery company that can provide commercial organizations and government entities with ultra-high-resolution images, has been launched, according to its founder, David Record.

Record said the images can be delivered in "near-real-time" at a "fraction of the cost of other aerial imagery providers."

For the last nine years, Record has led and collaborated with engineering experts and C-level executives in the commercial space and satellite imagery industry.

"After extensive research and analysis, the outcome was consistent with out-of-date technology and slow turnaround across all aerial imagery products," Record said. "The solution was to create Advanced Unmanned, a company that is on the bleeding edge of aerial imagery.

"We positively look ahead to resolving major gaps in imagery data processing, analysis and delivery."

Colorado Springs-based Airboss Aerospace is designing a fleet of custom aircraft for Advanced Unmanned. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle imagery technology and equipment such as HD video and Earth-observing optical cameras will allow the company to support a large surveillance market, from law enforcement agencies to federal government operations.

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