RMT's GPS tracking devices to help prevent game poaching in Zimbabwe

By: Steve Wednesday May 15, 2013 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, GPS, Tom Baranowski

Rocky Mountain Tracking logoFORT COLLINS - Rocky Mountain Tracking Inc. is sending its GPS tracking devices to Zimbabwe to help monitor anti-poaching patrols that protect endangered species.

The GPS tracking devices will be used to monitor game scouts and their movements at Howick Farms, a family-owned farming operation specializing in soya beans, tobacco and game, located near Rusape, Zimbabwe.

The farmland reserved for animal use is remote and mountainous, which makes anti-poaching patrols most effective when conducted on foot, RMT said.

"I am always excited about reaching new markets, especially a new opportunity in Africa," said Tom Baranowski, RMT's general manager.

"We have seen GPS devices used in many unique ways, but this use, which ultimately helps protect endangered wildlife, is especially pleasing."

The tracking devices are meant to locate patterns and to track game scouts as they move through isolated areas. The devices will track where scouts travel and how often they are moving, RMT said.

Poaching is a serious problem in Africa, especially South Africa, and appears to be spreading to neighboring Zimbabwe. According to a spokesperson for Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, last year Zimbabwe lost about 3 percent of its rhino population from poaching.

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