Clean Edge report: Colorado No. 5 in nation for clean tech, Denver No. 8 metro area

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CleanEdge logoPORTLAND, Ore. - Clean Edge, which calls itself the world's first research and advisory firm devoted to the clean tech sector, today issued a report that showed Colorado in the No. 5 position of the top states in its 2013 state index.

The inaugural report, "U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index," also rated Denver as the No. 8 metro area in the nation for clean tech leadership.

"Clean tech deployment in the U.S. is largely driven by state and metro-level activity," said Ron Pernick, Clean Edge managing director.

"And it's no longer about small, barely visible slices of market share. Overall, renewable energy accounted for 49 percent of the nation's added electricity capacity in 2012 - its largest share ever and more than the 33 percent share of new generation capacity from natural gas."

The top 10 states in the report were:

  • No. 1--California

  • No. 2--Massachusetts

  • No. 3--Oregon

  • No. 4--New York

  • No. 5--Colorado

  • No. 6--Washington

  • No. 7--New Mexico

  • No. 8--Illinois

  • No. 9--Minnesota

  • No. 10--Hawaii

The top 10 metro areas were:

  • No. 1--San Francisco

  • No. 2--San Jose

  • No. 3--Portland, Ore.

  • No. 4--Los Angeles

  • No. 5--Washington, D.C.

  • No. 6--Sacramento

  • No. 7--San Diego

  • No. 8--Denver

  • No. 9--Seattle

  • No. 10--Boston

The report is available for free download at

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