Biochar Now takes up residence in Berthoud

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BERTHOUD - Biochar Now LLC, which produces biochar products from beetle-killed pine trees, today announced it has chosen Berthoud as the site of its headquarters.

"With strong town leadership and positive business support, we feel Berthoud is a good fit for us," said Bill Beierwaltes, Biochar Now's CEO. "We additionally appreciate the city's strong agricultural background and the friendly community.

"We look forward to being a proactive business partner."

The Berthoud selection was enabled with help from Upstate Colorado Economic Development, the Larimer Weld Revolving Loan Fund and Adams Bank & Trust, which together were able to construct a financial package allowing the local management group of Summit Solutions to purchase itself from its parent company.

Kelly Peters, business retention and expansion director for Northern Colorado Economic Development Corp., introduced the startup company, Biochar Now, to the Town of Berthoud earlier this year.

Biochar Now uses beetle-killed pine trees for its source material. In academic studies, applications of biochar have been shown to improve agriculture yields by up to 880 percent.

The charcoal-like material also has the capacity to remove odors and greenhouse gases from large livestock operations, as well as remediate vapor and water pollution from oil-and-gas drilling operations and other large-scale applications.

Biochar Now has entered into a partnership agreement with Summit Solutions to establish an advanced development site.

Summit Solutions makes specialized containers for defense and aerospace contractors as well as commercial applications and can apply its expertise to Biochar Now's production equipment.

The two companies complement each other and expect to benefit from a synergistic relationship while increasing jobs at their shared site.

"Our company is becoming more private sector-oriented while continuing to provide high-quality containers to the government," said Rob Carr, Summit Solutions CEO.

"Working with Biochar Now is a great step forward in our new direction and illustrates our capacity to apply our manufacturing capabilities to the commercial marketplace. We enthusiastically welcome them."

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There is no doubt that Bio-char is beneficial to the soil. However it is my erxipeence that the most benefit is obtained when added to good organic soil after the bio-char has been inoculated with a tea made from a good compost, aged manure or from worm castings that contain a myriad of microbes. I would also stress that the adding of chemical fertilizer to soil that contains bio-char would be detrimental as that action would kill the microbes that are extracting the nutrients and feeding the plants! The benefits of bio-char are the effects that it has on the microbes in organic soil and the increase in the available nutrients so this results in bigger, stronger and healthier plants.Ken BourneBC Canada

- Andrew