Report: Wind power electricity production 21 times higher than 2001, Colorado among leaders

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DENVER - Wind power is on the rise across America, and Colorado is one of the states leading the move away from fossil fuel to reduce global warming, according to a report from the Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center.

The report, "More Wind, Less Warming," notes that the U.S. now generates 24 times more electricity from wind power than it did in 2001.

Colorado is one of nine states - along with Iowa, North and South Dakota, Kansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Oregon - that now generate more than 12 percent of their total electricity production from wind.

Findings from the report include:

  • In 2013, wind power displaced more than 132 million metric tons of carbon dioxide

  • Since 2001, wind power has displaced more than 620 million metric tons of carbon dioxide - more than a year's worth of CO2 emissions in Canada

  • After more than a decade of rapid growth, wind energy now accounts for 4 percent of America's total electricity generation


Wind power projects in Colorado in 2013 produced enough energy to power 679,188 homes, the report notes.

"Wind power can replace the dirty energy sources of the past and the pollution that comes with them," said Anna McDevitt, Environment Colorado campaign organizer.

"But Congress needs to act now to ensure a clean energy future."

The EC report comes as Congress is set to review renewal of wind energy tax credits.

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