Pike Research makes 10 electric vehicle predictions for 2013

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BOULDER - Sales of plug-in vehicles in 2013 will continue to outpace the first years of hybrid vehicles as more than 210,000 PEVs will be sold globally and more than three dozen PEV vehicles will make their debut, according to a free whitepaper published by Pike Research.

The report also makes 10 predictions for electric vehicles in 2013, including:

  • Capital investment will veer from vehicles to battery components.

  • Sales of e-bikes in North America will grow by more than 50 percent to more than 158,000. Globally, the market will grow by 10 percent to more than 33.6 million.

  • Higher power, 48-volt batteries will gain in usage.

  • More than 3,400 fuel-cell vehicles will be in the road.

  • Battery swapping will give way to battery financing.

  • Germany will lead Europe's PEV growth.

  • Coasting technology will push internal combustion engines closer to hybrids.

  • The slow-versus-fast-charging debate will intensify.

  • Europe will show the greatest progress in simplifying PEV driving in 2013 with more PEV infrastructure.

  • The natural gas glut will tamper interest in plug-in electric trucks.

For more information, visit www.greencarcongress.com/2012/12/pike10-20121218.html.

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