NREL recognizes staff researchers for breakthrough technologies

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NREL logo featuredGOLDEN - The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recognized two of its most productive staff with its Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Awards.

With more than 100 active licenses covering the spectrum of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, the awards celebrated NREL's commercialization success and recognized the researchers and engineers who made them happen.

"As NREL sharpens its focus on energy systems integration, the individual successes are starting to meld into a greater, NREL-wide focus on comprehensive, industry-changing energy solutions," said Bill Farris, NREL's associate lab director of innovation, partnering and outreach.

NREL said it added 29 new Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) in 2012, bringing its total to 184. CRADAs are one tool industry partners use when looking to license NREL technologies.

NREL said for every dollar the DOE invests in a CRADA, it attracts another $8 in private investment.

Honored by NREL were:

  • Research Fellow Mike Himmel, one of NREL's top inventors, with the Distinguished Innovator of the Year Award. Himmel is a biochemist whose work on cellulase greatly simplified and lowered the cost of converting biomass to fuel.

  • Research Fellow David Ginley received a Special Recognition Award for his innovations resulting in more than 10 NREL patents, with six already licensed by outside companies.

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