NREL has online tool to help communities assess their PEV readiness

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GOLDEN - NREL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has launched a new tool to help local and regional leaders assess the readiness of their communities for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), NREL announced.

The Plug-In Electric Vehicle Community Readiness Scorecard, developed by NREL for DOE's Clean Cities Initiative, is a detailed, interactive online assessment tool that collects information about a community's PEV readiness, provides feedback on its progress and offers guidance for improvement.

plug in hybrid NRELMunicipalities, counties and states can use the PEV Scorecard to ensure they're prepared to facilitate the electrification of transportation and reap the environmental, economic and energy security benefits that come with it, NREL said.

"The nationwide deployment of electric vehicles is a revolution in transportation," said Mike Simpson, NREL engineer who led the tool's development.

"There's a significant amount of thought and effort involved in shepherding these new technologies into our communities, and the Energy Department saw a real need to provide local and regional leaders with some interactive blueprints."

PEV is a community-wide effort that requires charging infrastructure, planning, regulations and support services, NREL said. The PEV Scorecard helps communities make sense of the necessary steps and track their progress along the way.

"The PEV Scorecard helps communities see the forest and the trees in terms of PEV deployment," Simpson said. "They can get a Big Picture assessment of how ready they are and then drill down to the finer points to find out how to improve."

The PEV Scorecard is available online at DOE's Alternative Fuels Data Center at

Clean Cities is the deployment arm of the DOE's Vehicle Technologies Office working to reduce the use of petroleum in transportation.

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